exhibition archive | 原田晋 "The Ghost"
原田晋 "The Ghost"
2011.04.16 - 05.07
モニタ上の映像を撮影した“window-scape”のシリーズを発表してきた原田晋の新作“The Ghost”。


“The Ghost,” a new exhibition of works by Susumu Harada follows on from his previous series entitled “window-scape.”

In those works Harada captured images directly from a television with camera, but in this new series these images are manipulated further, turning them back into ‘moving’ images. These new images, like phantoms, appear and disappear repeatedly on the monitor. All we see is a mass of flickering light, not knowing if the images really exist or not.
By questioning the act of seeing itself, Harada’s new works makes us reconsider what information we store in our minds and redefine the so-called post-9/11 theories about “the reality.”

会場 : 特定非営利活動法人 art & river bank
会期 : 2011年04月16日(土) - 05月07日(土)
日時 : 13:00 - 19:00 月・火曜日休
キュレータ : 友岡あゆ子
主催 : 女子美術大学 大学院GP