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thinking about dog's death#11
08.13(mon), 14(tue), 15(wed)
8.13, 14 open 17:00-21:00
8.15 open 12:00-21:00

チープなサスペンスでさえ、被害者の死の真相を究明することがなによりも供養になるという最低限の倫理をわきまえている。死の真相を伝えないまま、毎年繰り返される慰霊ほど、彼らを侮蔑するものはないだろう。彼らの死の真相を想うこと。dog's death という死の真相を。


Even a cheap suspense understands the minimum moral that examining the truth of a victim's death is the best memorial service. Probably, there is nothing more contemptuous than memorial services repeated every year without telling the truth of death. Think about the truth of their death, the truth of the death of "dog's death."
Our opening hours is different from usual. So, please pay attention for dates and hours not to miss it.

akira rachi
chi too
doronuma-sou ( keiko numashita ) ft. ayuko tomooka
hiroko enomoto

Bar "川の家"
会期中、ギャラリー内カウンターは、bar "川の家" として営業します。
During this show, we will open the bar "river house" in the gallery.