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Aya Koretzky + Rodrigo Barros "NOCTURNOS"
2010.12.08 - 12.18


(『NOCTORNOS』 Syonopsより)


The day starts in Lisbon and with it people return to the streets. These men live in a place which is not a home. Caught by their past, they try to live their present as an everyday future. Martins, the barber from Luanda, Simoes with his spears, Manuel and hisfilms and Francisco's silence share a place to rest, a shelter. They have some affinities with the outside world but they communicate through the words that they don't say. Perhaps the differences are clearest in everything that is silenced. What defines us, after all? 

("NOCTORNOS" Syonops)

会場 : 特定非営利活動法人 art & river bank
会期 : 2010年12月08日(水) - 12月18日(土)
日時 : 13:00 - 19:00 月・火曜日休